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Oarlocks and Mounts 

Oarlocks are sized by numbers and come in many styles.
All sizes are inside diameter.
Size # Inside Diameter
00 1 3/4'
0 2"
1 2 1/4"
2 2 1/2"
3 2 3/4"
4 3"


Brass Open Horned Oarlocks Size #1

A=1/2"   B=2 1/8"   C=2 1/4"   D=1 7/8"  



Safety Chains.



Brass Closed Circle Oarlocks


Stainless Steel Closed Circle Oarlocks

Size #0    A=1/2"   B=2 1/8"   C=2" 

     Size #1    A=1/2"   B=2 1/8"   C=2 1/4"



Brass Angle Mount Sockets


Chrome Angle Mount Sockets

A=1/2"   B=4"   C=3 1/4"


Brass Side Mount Sockets


Stainless Steel Side Mount Sockets

A=1/2"   B=3 3/4"   C=1 3/8"   D=7/8"



Brass Top Mount Sockets

 A=1/2"   B=2 1/2"   C=1"  



White Replacement Mount Inserts

1/2" to 5/8"




Pins Shaft 3/4"




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